Acupoint medicine

Acupoint medicine

Any Chinese medicine that has the effect of supplementing the weak and helping the weak and adjusting the deficiency of the human body is called a tonic medicine.

It can also be called a tonic.

  In the application of tonic medicine, it is mainly used in two aspects. One aspect is to enhance the body’s ability to resist disease, and it can be used with the evil-stricken drugs to use the evil-stricken patients to achieve the purpose of strengthening the righteousness and evil spirits.Disease; another aspect is for people who are physically weak, can enhance physical fitness, eliminate the symptoms of weakness, and assist the body’s ability to recover, so that it can restore health and restore normal life as soon as possible.

Therefore, tonic medicine is of positive significance.

  Tonic medicine is mainly used for deficiency syndrome.

The so-called deficiency syndrome generally refers to qi deficiency, yang deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency and the like.

According to the efficacy and application range of tonic medicine, it is generally divided into qi medicine, yang medicine, nourishing medicine, and yin medicine.

  Astragalus membranaceus has the effect of replenishing qi and blood, nourishing ecchymosis, and is equally effective for older women who are stunned by their faces, often have a cold, and sweat.

  Mrs. Tao, who entered the year of the flower, had an unpleasant stain on her face, often caught a cold, and panicked and sweated.

After the two-month Chinese medicine, Mrs. Tao is like a personal change.

  In the original prescription, there is a traditional Chinese medicine called “Huangqi”, which has the effect of replenishing qi and blood, nourishing and freckle, and is suitable for people with pale face and pale spots caused by qi and blood weakness.

Shennong, the ancestor of Chinese medicine, said in his book “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” that Huang Qi is mainly based on tonic deficiency, which can treat fatigue and weakness caused by spleen and lung qi deficiency, shortness of breath and sweat, thin stool, as well as rectal prolapse and uterine prolapse.
If the qi deficiency is weak after the illness, it can be used together with the ginseng of the big supplement to increase the effect of qi and spleen and sun sag.

If the temper is weak, do not want to eat, indigestion, diarrhea, then can be used with Atractylodes, in order to enhance the effect of spleen and Qi.

Astragalus is also a traditional Chinese medicine that has anti-aging and anti-tumor effects.

Professor He Ren, a master of Chinese medicine in Zhejiang, once said: “No matter whether it is a tumor or not, it is the main one.

In the midst of righting up, it mainly protects the spleen and the innate kidney of the heavens. Among them, the spleen is the most important. The prescription is based on the spleen soup, and the drug is essential for jaundice.

“The famous blood-filling agent – Angelica sinensis soup with jaundice 30g, angelica 6g, its effect is qi and blood, treatment of fatigue and internal injuries, blood deficiency and blood deficiency yellow, Tao Lao is such a person, so she takes Chinese medicineAfter the face quickly became more beautiful.