Colored bags, cooked food, cancer upper body

Colored bags, cooked food, cancer upper body

A few days ago, when Ms. Xu bought food at a dish in Yixian Road, she found that a hawker gave her a gray-black vest bag with a pungent smell. She called the newspaper hotline to ask if it was poisonous.

The reporter learned from the Shanghai Plastics Industry Association that the scented recycled plastic bags contain substances harmful to the human body, causing the public to carefully use colored recycled plastic bags for cooked food.

  In a street interview, the reporter found that many vests used to sell vegetables and sell fruits are red, black and gray-green bags.

The reporter found in the wholesale food market of Gonghe New Road that the usual vest bag is only one pack, only a few dollars.

  Many people who do business are buying a few packs.

Probably, some of the cakes were spread out early, and the fritters were mostly made of thin white bags. With a little force, the bag was broken.

  Yang Hanjun, director of the Shanghai Plastics Industry Association Office, said that the main raw material of normal plastic bags is polyethylene, tasteless, non-toxic and translucent.

The recycled plastic bag is made of broken plastic products. The main component is polyvinyl chloride, which will emit a pungent odor. In order to cover the recycling of raw materials, various colors will be masked.

  It is reported that the dark plastic bags used in the market, such as black, red and blue, are mostly reprocessed from recycled plastic products. They cannot be loaded with food. Ultra-thin plastic bags are also prohibited from loading food.

  These recycled plastic bags are the smallest of which are produced by small businesses or family workshops. A considerable number of used plastic wastes, industrial wastes and medical institutions replace plastic waste recycling, disinfection, and contain serious bacteria and carcinogens.The use of such plastic products to package directly imported cooked foods will have extremely serious consequences for the health of consumers.

  In June this year, the state has made new regulations on the use of recycled plastic bags.

The public’s citizens, it is best to use clean paper bags and cloth bags to buy food. The purchase of food bags should be semi-transparent, complete packaging, and eliminate colored plastic bags.

  Refrigerated in the refrigerator, frozen food should be replaced with plastic wrap, instead of ordinary plastic bags.

Due to the special process and raw materials of cling film, it has good gas permeability and fresh-keeping performance. However, when the ordinary plastic bag is used for a long time, the food will quickly deteriorate and rot, which cannot achieve the purpose of preservation.