[Can you drink alcohol with a wound]_Recommended diet

[Can you drink alcohol with a wound]_Recommended diet

When the body has a wound for some reason, it is necessary to pay attention to diet and nutrition at this time. Do not eat cold and stimulating foods, and do not drink alcohol, because drinking will cause blood vessels to dilate and promote blood circulation, which is not conducive to wound healing.It can even cause skin irritation at the wound site and cause infections, which is very detrimental to wound healing.

Do not drink alcohol when you have a wound, and pay attention to your diet to avoid wound infection and adverse wound recovery.

In addition, drinking alcohol when there is a wound can easily cause skin hyperplasia, resulting in scar scars after wound healing, resulting in scar hyperplasia, which affects the appearance of the skin.

When there is a wound, pay attention to diet principles. Do not eat too greasy in the usual diet to avoid getting angry. In addition, you must prevent constipation. You can eat some bananas. Bananas have a good effect of laxative and laxative.A certain effect of clearing heat and detoxification has a good effect on promoting the recovery of wounds, and can promote smooth and delicate skin.

You can also properly eat some apples when there are wounds. Apples have high nutritional value. They can replace sugar, convert fruit acids and various vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin c. Vitamin c can protect the skin’s vascular tissue and promote skin healing., Speed up the skin and maintain elasticity, so eating some apples properly is also very beneficial for wound recovery and healing.

The above is a simple understanding of whether it is possible to drink alcohol when there is a wound. Do not drink alcohol when a wound occurs. Drinking alcohol will cause skin irritation, because the blood circulation will be accelerated after drinking, which will cause the wound to have an adverse irritation reaction and lead to the recovery of the wound.Slowing down time will also easily cause wound marks and hyperplasia of scar marks, which will affect the appearance of the wound after recovery.