Meridian weight loss method: recognized by the World Weight Loss Association?

Meridian weight loss method: recognized by the World Weight Loss Association?

From ancient times to the present, the imagination and transformation of women by writers and masters of art can be described as numerous, and the style of beauty is also very popular, but most of them are known for their slim figure.

At the beginning of “Three Poems of the Poems”, the “Yu Lai, the gentleman is good” commanded the wind ya 颂; later, Cao Zhi “Luo Shen Fu” in the Luo Shen “its shape is also, 翩翩 鸿 婉, 婉 若 游 游 龙 龙;The fascinating description of flying and drifting, such as light and swallowing, and so on, has continued to this day, and the realm of the pursuit of girls has been to “bone beauty.”

If you are still in the stage of “circle fat”, then hurry to find a way to lose weight.

  It is really difficult to tell the truth about the current aesthetics.

A variety of ways to lose weight in the market, diet pills, diet foods are even more dazzling.

They have their own advantages, but their shortcomings are enough to make everyone wrap up.

Therefore, “difficulties in losing weight, making it more difficult to lose weight properly and healthily” will naturally become the common aspiration of “ring fat woman”.

Is there a way to get them out of the sea?

Absolutely, some of the “foreign fats” from Australia, the United States, Japan and other places have come to China for weight loss in the meridian. This kind of behavior naturally attracts the attention of Xiaobian.

Then, in the end, if there is such a big influence on the meridian diet, will it create a slimming dream?

In this issue, Xiaobian invited Professor Wei Mingjun from the Overseas Chinese Department of Southern Medical University to explain the meridian diet, and to see through such influential secrets.

  This year’s expert introduction: Professor Wei Mingjun: Secretary of the Party Branch of Huiqiao Department of Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, member of the Professional Committee of Reproductive Urology of Guangdong Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society.

  Analysis of the principle of meridian weight loss: World Obesity Association is known as “fast healthy weight loss method”?

  Meridian weight loss is a new concept of scientific slimming method, based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian, combined with the latest foreign life science theory and dynamics, magnetism, human bioengineering and other theories.

  Meridian weight loss is based on dialectical treatment, through acupuncture, ear treatment, umbilical therapy and other methods to effectively stimulate the acupuncture points of the human body, to clear the meridians, regulate the viscera and blood, adjust the balance of yin and yang to achieve endocrine regulation and accelerate metabolism.The effect is to accelerate the decomposition of adults, reduce the synthesis, reduce the decrease of lipid peroxide content in the blood, and increase the fat-dissipating hormone.

By indirectly destroying monster cells, thereby reducing the reduction, accelerating the blood lymphatic circulation, increasing the basal metabolic rate, achieving a strong endocrine balance, and finally decomposing excess toxins to achieve weight loss.

Meridian weight loss is a method of weight loss that treats both the symptoms and the symptoms, and is praised by the World Obesity Association as a “fast and healthy weight loss method”.

  Expert opinion: Professor Wei has been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture for more than 20 years. Based on his own experience, he has summarized the following points in the meridian diet: 1.

Meridian weight loss, acupuncture weight loss, is the epitome of Chinese medicine weight loss, said meridian weight loss, I believe everyone will remember the current Chinese medicine to lose weight, will not think that it is the same concept, but the name is different.

However, in the course of interviewing Professor Wei, the traditional Chinese medicine medical methods are recorded in ancient books as sputum, acupuncture, moxibustion, and medicine. Among them, almost all of them contain elements of meridian weight loss, so meridians lose weight.It is not a single Chinese medicine weight loss method. It is a wrong understanding to use acupuncture to lose weight instead of meridian weight loss.

Meridian weight loss is a complete system, including expert consultation, meridian instruments, magnetic needles, acupuncture, massage and other internal, a variety of ways to combine, combined with health requirements, in order to achieve weight loss.

For example, first use a bio-magnetic needle to stimulate the acupuncture points that can reconcile the spleen and stomach, so as to achieve the purpose of dredging the meridians and reconciling the blood and blood; then, with the meridian weight-loss device, promote slight decomposition.


The effect of “disease” obesity is more obvious. Professor Wei introduced that the so-called meridian weight loss to clear the meridians, regulate endocrine, improve the function of the organs, improve the basal metabolic rate, and achieve a slight catabolism to achieve weight loss.

In general, it is mainly to adjust the metabolic and endocrine functions of the human body.

Modern medicine believes that obesity is decomposed into pathological over- and super-excessive, pathological over-extension is what we often call “disease” obesity, mostly due to endocrine mutations, abnormalities.

Meridian weight loss is from the adjustment of endocrine, through acupuncture, massage, scraping and other methods of comprehensive treatment.

According to the causes of obesity, the role of meridian treatment is different: for obese people with too much water and moisture in the body, they can diuresis and sweat, thus eliminating water and weight loss; some obese people are due to gastric acid secretion.Many, suffering from high blood pressure, have always had the urge to eat, for such “stomach fire” obese people, by reducing the “stomach fire”, suppress appetite, thereby reducing food intake, and inhibiting its stomachDigestion and absorption function; other obese people are caused by inertia constipation, can reduce weight through the meridian and laxative, reduce energy storage in the body.

  For pathological obesity, it reduces the function of the endocrine system, accelerates the metabolism of energy, increases the consumption of body energy, promotes the slight transformation and decomposition of the body, solves problems such as puffiness and edema, and causes the appetite of the dieters to be suppressed and controlled.The effect of the diet.

Therefore, the effect is more obvious when the consumption is too large and the lack of exercise is too simple.


“Medical weight loss, which is thin, which is thin?”

  ”Elephant legs”, “bucket waist”, “Kirin arm” and a series of vicious nouns swarmed, but the local obesity is more serious. The beauty MMs are expected to kill these excess fats through various means.As a result, some beauty, weight-loss institutions are playing fast-faced, stovepipe and other hardcore advertising, and even the mythical advertisement of “Women’s weight loss is thinner.”

Conducted, Professor Wei introduced that meridian weight loss has a good effect, but it is not very obvious for local weight loss.

Of course, it can also promote the burning of local obesity. The ability is really limited. It is not a few times in this part. If you massage a few times, you can slim down that part.

Therefore, “the meridian weight loss is thin, which is thin” is not scientific, can not be chaotic believe in advertising, be careful to be pitted and cheated!


The “fifth generation meridian weight loss” technology can solve the internal dirty meridian weight loss technology first appeared in Beijing in 1986, experienced the evolution of the second, third and fourth generations. In 2008, the meridian weight loss technology has achieved a gradual leap development, launchedThe fifth generation of human body meridian weight loss technology that is highly praised by the international community.According to Professor Wei, the difference between the “fifth generation of meridian weight loss technology” and other generations is that the fat friends can bid farewell to the history of annual weight loss every year, not only can quickly reduce the subcutaneous fat, but also reduce the visceral fat.Such as fatty liver, intestinal wall fat, pericardial fat, etc., and solve the basic problem of obesity that can not be solved by taking medicine, injection, surgery, equipment, liposuction, etc. – visceral fat, can effectively prevent fatty liver while reducing weight,Hypertension, heart disease, gout, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, infertility and other diseases, alleviate the harm of obesity complications, and achieve the dual role of healthy weight loss and health care.
Can the “three high” obese people try?
  As a meridian diet based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the different characteristics of patients, different parts, and the treatment of syndrome differentiation, the phenomenon of “standard” treatment of “weight” is solved.
Good stability, no need to spend a lot of time, can be done once every 3 to 5 days, no side effects, simple and feasible, especially for patients with drug resistance or other weight loss methods, the effect will be more obvious.
Compared with a series of products such as diet pills and slimming tea, meridian weight loss is suitable for weight-loss patients of different ages. Even patients with high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar can still adopt this method, and will also receive good results.
  网友体验:经络减肥效果挺好,但需要一定时间  为了更好地方便知道经络减肥在大家心目中的地位如何,效果是不是符合世界减肥协会给予如此高的称号,对此小编特意从百度知道Comprehensive search on various forums and websites such as Soso, Xiqiao Hutong, Tianya Forum, etc., found that the Internet is basically a praise for meridian weight loss, and finally Xiaobian collected and compiled some objective evaluations of representative netizens.I hope that I can provide useful information to everyone and help you to lose weight quickly.
(The following information, for reference only, does not guarantee its authenticity) Si Yu 6789 (Baidu knows) I am also a fat MM, recently tried the Chinese medicine meridian to lose weight, I feel good.
I used to be not only fat, but also cold hands and feet. I often have stomach pains on special days. After two months of Chinese medicine meridian weight loss, this aspect has been improved!
Ha ha ~~~~ The beautician said that I was originally caused by poor meridians!
Of course, I also lost some, 12 pounds, O (∩ _ ∩) O haha ~ so you can try, at least you can adjust the body!
But I am not Dalian, it is not good to recommend a beauty salon for you. Now Chinese medicine is very popular. Dalian should have many such beauty salons. I wish you good luck~~~~ 0°C drops & 殇(搜搜问Q) Meridian weight loss is not a quick success.
It is time to come slowly.
However, meridian weight loss is only good for the body, no harm. If you want to get thinner, choose another way to lose weight.
Meridian weight loss can be used as an auxiliary effect.
This will be faster.
It is best not to take diet pills.
Never believe that weight loss drugs do not rebound.
Unless you rely on weight loss to lose weight, you have absolute determination and confidence to keep.
  I have tried the cloud flying in the sky (Xiqi Hutong). I feel very good personally. I lost eight pounds on the first day!
happy.Thank you MM.I have to continue to refuel, and it feels so good that there is less meat.
  The editor has something to say: Meridian weight loss has only been discovered and gradually used in practice by many Chinese medicine masters in recent years. At present, the traditional method of meridian weight loss is slowly in the weight loss market after undergoing various tests.Occupy a place.
The meridian weight loss of “special specimens”, Xiaobian is still relatively recognized, has repeatedly frustrated in the “ring fertilizer” women in weight loss products, may wish to try meridian weight loss, perhaps more surprises!
Finally, Xiao Bian reminds that their own beauty is their own, unscientific way to lose weight, will only make you more and more virtual, the more you lose weight!
  Tips: What issues should you pay attention to when using meridian to lose weight?
  In order to restore the weight of obese people to normal levels as soon as possible, avoid eating too much sugar or too much fruit or food during weight loss.
Try to eat foods that are sugar-free or have low sugar content.
Weight-loss people strictly follow the doctor’s advice during weight loss is the basic guarantee for weight loss.
TCM meridian weight loss requirements must be carried out according to the course of treatment, so that dieters should be continuously carried out during the weight loss period, the maximum interval can not exceed two days, because each person’s obesity is not the same, if the first month does not meet the ideal requirements, the secondTreatment should also be adhered to in the month and the third month.
Because fat metabolism takes time, sometimes the weight change is not obvious during the weight loss process, which is normal.In addition, the operating doctor should also have relevant qualifications and strictly carry out sanitation and disinfection work.

  Where is the Meridian Weight Loss Agency?

  Netizens enthusiastically recommend praised meridian weight loss institutions: Beijing: weight loss will be thin hall Address: Room 106, Block A, Celebrity Apartment, 101 Anli Road, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: 010-64907669 Guangzhou: Fish Beauty Beauty Weight Loss Research Institute Address: Yuexiu District Temple RightNo. 19 Xinma Road (4th Floor, Wuyang New City Great Wall Hotel) Tel: 020-37652838, 37652998 Xiang Ning Yuanyuan SPA Address: Huangpu Avenue West (Tianhe Station), Tianhe District, Guangzhou Tel: 020-85583013: Shixingkai Weight Loss Center Address: Futian DistrictNo. 1910, Block B, Huaqiang North Shenzhen Textile Building Tel: 0755-83777648 83778093 Jinan: Mengyuan Yu’s Beauty Body Chain Address: No. 93, Hero Hill Road, North of the Four Seasons Garden, North China Phone: 0531-82720508 Most of them are experienced by netizens.Featured, if you know more or better meridian weight loss institutions, you can make a contribution or call (020-85501999-8620) to our 39 health net weight loss channel!