Clearing spleen and sputum

Clearing spleen and sputum

Wang Laohan was also teased by a grandson’s sentence, but after his smile, his mouth was sore.

It turns out that the oral ulcers of these old kings have recurred, and there are four or five ulcers on the tongue and oral mucosa. The largest one has a diameter of about 5 mm. The ulcer is red and swollen. It is very painful to talk and eat. It is delicious for three meals a day.He can only look at the food, he can only eat a little porridge, noodles, and too lazy to talk, the most painful thing for him is to use a handkerchief to wipe the mouth all day long.

  Wang Zhi, chief physician of the Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that oral ulcers are mainly caused by low immune function, poor mood, poor physical condition and irregular menstruation of lesbians.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is open to the mouth, and the accumulation of heat in the heart and spleen is the main cause of the disease. Others are also prosperous, and the heat inside the yin deficiency is wet.

The main treatment is clear heart and spleen heat, commonly used drugs are scorpion, scutellaria, forsythia, rhubarb, Mutong, licorice and so on.

  Wang Zhi reminded that patients should first exercise moderate physical exercise according to their actual situation, improve their immunity and enhance their physical fitness.

In addition, diet should be based on light, eat more vitamins in vegetables, fruits, eat spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, especially not to drink alcohol, eat less beef, lamb and other “fire” food.

Also pay attention to maintaining an optimistic mental state, while at the same time develop good bowel habits and keep the stool smooth.