How do you have a certain symptom in the late stage of thyroid cancer?

How do you have a certain symptom in the late stage of thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer is a malignant tumor with a high mortality rate. Early symptoms are more concealed. If you do not understand its complications, about 80% of patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Therefore, understanding the early and late symptoms of thyroid cancer, for early detection of the condition, early treatment is critical.

So what are the symptoms of advanced thyroid cancer?

Take a look.

Late symptoms of thyroid cancer 1, local enlargement: local thyroid enlargement or lumps, and the mass is increasing.

2, local compression symptoms: when the tumor is pressed to the recurrent laryngeal nerve, there will be hoarseness, dysphagia when invading the esophagus, weight loss, hemoptysis when invading or compressing to the trachea, dyspnea and complications reduce the feeling, causing veinsThe pressure is dilated or the eye is cracked, the pupil is reduced, and the like.

3, local metastatic symptoms: the swelling of the recombinant lymph nodes, especially mastoid cancer and medullary carcinoma are more prone to complications of lymph node metastasis.

4, distant metastasis symptoms: distant metastasis mainly in the flat bone (cranium, vertebrae, sternum, pelvis, etc.) and lung, 100% of undifferentiated cancer has blood-borne metastasis.

Headache and vomiting caused by brain metastasis, coughing of the lungs or mediastinum, hemoptysis and serious complications, pain caused by pathological fractures caused by bone metastasis, spinal cord displacement caused by numbness or weakness of hands and feet.

How should I check my thyroid cancer 1 at a time, pay attention to the shape of the goiter. The shape of the goiter is generally divided into two categories, one is butterfly-shaped, more common in endemic goiter, thyroiditis and some patients with hyperthyroidism;The other type is a round lumps in a certain part of the thyroid gland, more common in thyroid cysts, thyroid adenomas, but also thyroid cancer.

2, pay attention to whether the lymph nodes can be touched around the tumor. If you can touch a harder lymph node around the thyroid, you should be highly suspected of having a thyroid with local lymph node metastasis.

3, pay attention to the size of the mass of the mass if the diffuse enlargement or multiple nodular enlargement, mostly endemic goiter; general benign tumors or cysts of small nodules diameter of about 2 cm; diameter more than 2 cmWhen suspected, thyroid cancer.

4, pay attention to the growth rate of the mass, local goiter is slowly increasing, the course of disease can be several years or even decades; the course of benign tumors and cysts can be several months to several years; the growth of thyroid cancer is obvious, the speed is slowFast, can increase significantly in ten days or one or two months.

In normal life, don’t ignore the inspection.

If you feel that there is a lump in the cancer, and you are not sure about it, you should go to a professional hospital for diagnosis and cure the disease as soon as possible to avoid adverse consequences.

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