Is it true that a child will really make a woman fat?

Is it true that a child will really make a woman fat?

A foreign magazine once investigated people’s perceptions of the mother’s image, that is, some women have a “mother”.

The result is a woman with a slightly fat body, a slightly wider face and a gentle face.

In developing countries, it is customary to believe that indigenous people will hinder the mother’s body shape.

There are still many people who believe that as long as they don’t have children, their body shape will not change.

  So, is it true that giving birth to children will promote weight gain?

  Studies in the 1990s have shown that mothers who have multiple births have a tendency to gain weight, but there is no relationship between having 1-2 children and getting fat.

By the side of us, there are actually a lot of women who have given birth without getting fat, and those women who have no children and are getting fat are not uncommon.

  In my teaching group, there are two teachers who are examples of the same shape after giving birth.

Mr. Dai has been nearly 50 years old, his son went to college, and his waistline is still 63 centimeters.

After Wu’s freshman, he was thinner than before, and it looked like a college student.

Asked why she became young, she raised a slender and tight multi-speaking: I bring my children.

The son of more than 30 kilograms, one hug is an hour, but also chasing the children running around. As far as the current situation is concerned, women gain weight after breeding, mainly because of the waste from pregnancy to postpartum.The reason why energy and physical activity are out of balance.

  Li Yan, a prospective mother who has been pregnant for more than 8 months, told me that she now has a weight of 160 pounds, 50 pounds before pregnancy, and she is like a duck.

In fact, for a healthy woman, the weight during pregnancy only needs to increase by more than 20 kilograms, and it does not need to become so fat at all.

If the fetus is too large and the mother is overweight, it will increase the risk that the mother will suffer from various chronic diseases in the future, and the future baby will also increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

  Many new mothers have been protected by the whole family before giving birth, want to eat what to eat, do not have to do housework, change the unit to work lightly; drink chicken soup every day after eating to eat pig’s trotters, there are elderly people to help see the children, but also a nanny, basically nothingPhysical activity, no physical exercise, so how can you not carry a fat?

  However, the 160-pound mother is not able to return to 110 pounds.

This is the case with Teacher Ding. After birth, she weighed more than 140 kilograms.

But then she always pays attention to controlling her aunt, walking as much as possible, doing more housework, taking her own children, and slowly losing weight. Three years later, her son grew healthy and lovely, and she did not deliberately lose weight and returned to her pre-pregnancy shape.

  For the mother, follow the following advice to help restore the slim body shape as soon as possible after birth: – walk more before the birth, climb more buildings, often do some squatting and abdomen movements, strengthen the strength of the abdomen, buttocks, pelvis musclesTo prepare for natural childbirth.

  - Try to have your own baby. If you don’t have special needs, don’t choose caesarean section.

Because natural childbirth is enough to help your baby’s health, and the mother can restore her ability as soon as possible.

This will avoid the consequences of lying on the bed the next month, causing muscle atrophy and slight accumulation.

  - If you lose too much weight, don’t eat too much greasy in the month.

  Because the body has already stocked at least 6 kg of adults for pre-natal consumption for breastfeeding, there is no need to worry about minor shortages.

What is more needed for the lactating mother is calcium and B vitamins, plus enough protein and iron.

For example, you can drink chicken soup, but you don’t have to have the oil on it.

Eating beef can, but it is not necessary to have beef.

Drinking pig’s trotters can be, but there is no need to take pigskin as a meal.

Eat eggs, but there is no need to put more oil to scramble eggs, eat boiled eggs and steamed eggs.

  - Eat more granulated beans and porridge, which is good for the supply of B vitamins and minerals, and also helps prevent constipation problems that are easy to occur after delivery.

It is also used to replace some of the white rice staple food, which is also beneficial to reduce weight.

  - Eat more oily vegetables.

Cooked vegetables are good for the mother. Don’t eat fish and eggs for three meals, and eat more stewed vegetables, which is good for preventing excessive weight gain in the month.

  - Your own breastfeeding, you can quickly consume the body’s reserve aunt and restore your body shape.

For the baby, this is also the mother’s greatest health gift, which will definitely benefit him for the rest of his life.

  - After physical recovery, try to take care of your child to increase physical activity.

Try to reduce the time you sit still when you are at home.  Be sure to tell yourself that indigenous people are not good tombs.

Never use a child as an excuse to forgive your lazy habits and wrong eating habits.

As long as you work hard, it is not difficult to be a healthy and beautiful mother.

  Finally, I told the ladies a secret: in kindergartens and elementary schools, as long as the parents’ meeting is held, the children often talk about who’s mother is the most beautiful and whose mother is the most elegant.

Children who are not willing to be proud of their mother’s beauty?

For your own health and the happiness of your children, mothers and mothers, everyone will work hard.