[Food that is good for the lungs, these must be eaten!

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[Food that is good for the lungs, these must be eaten!
】 _How to eat_How to eat

According to statistics, at present, 600,000 dialysis populations are added every year, which is equivalent to someone losing their life due to dialysis every 30 seconds.

It can be seen how important the maintenance of the lungs is in daily life.

Especially for men, heavy smoking is the most harmful to the lungs, and people around you also inhale a lot of second-hand smoke.

So, which foods are good for the lungs?

You may wish to eat more of the following foods.

1. Cauliflower and cauliflower are rich in vitamins. Every two hundred grams of fresh cauliflower can provide adults with more than 75% of vitamin A required for a day.

Traditional Chinese medicine is known as “white into the lungs”. Autumn is a season of frequent respiratory infections. White cauliflower is definitely a timely and healthy vegetable.

2. The nourishing effect of cabbage is very good. A study by the Georgetown University School of Medicine and the Institute for Cancer Prevention showed that cruciferous vegetables are rich in compounds that can cure human and animal development.

Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, kale, kale, and arugula.

3, white radish White radish is a vegetable we often eat, tastes good, and has high nutrition, white radish is cool, sweet and spicy, returning to the lungs, and the stomach meridian, has heat to the lungs and stomach, sputum, and sputum stickiness,Swelling, stagnation, indigestion, and poor stool are particularly suitable.

For white radish to have the best cough suppressant effect, it must be paired with rock sugar.

4. Most of the “injuries” in carrot lungs are due to damaged bronchial mucosa, and vitamin A can protect mucosal cells and maintain their normal shape and function.

This prevents the mucous membrane from being damaged by bacteria and is very helpful for maintaining lung health.

Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which can be broken down into vitamin A in the body.

It can be said that carrots are the best vegetables to supplement vitamin A. Eating carrots regularly is more helpful for lung health.

5. Tricholoma Chinese medicine believes that Tricholoma is sweet and flat, returning to the heart, the lung meridian, can declare the lungs and dissolve the table, and nourish the qi and soothe the nerves. It is most suitable for eating in the season of raising lungs in the autumn, and it can disperse blood heat and transmit measles. It is often used in children.Treatment of measles.

6, Mint Peppermint is a soothing herb, which is very beneficial for coughs, colds, throat infections and sinus infections for respiratory diseases.

There is also a compound in peppermint oil that has powerful antioxidant functions and can promote digestion, anti-obstruction and expectoration.

Making tea with mint or adding to it can have a certain cleaning effect on your lungs.