What are the taboos for official diet?

What are the taboos for official diet?

AIDS is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that is particularly harmful and has no good treatment. Such sexually transmitted diseases will seriously damage the patient’s immune system after they have been obtained, especially after the illness.Combating, the treatment of AIDS is the key, but the diet of AIDS is also particularly important, so what are the taboos for the AIDS diet?

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What are the taboos for official diet?

(1) High-energy, high-protein diets and patients with low appetite, reduced absorption function and insufficient energy absorption, and at the same time, due to the increased metabolic rate of the body, resulting in energy imbalance, so the diet is appropriate for high protein and highEnergy is the main food.

(2) Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits AIDS patients and patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits daily to enhance their resistance to disease.

In particular, you should eat more vitamin A, carotene and vitamin C fresh vegetables and fruits and foods containing vitamin E.

(3) a small amount of meals, regular meals once eaten too much can cause indigestion, damage the spleen and stomach, the disease is not good; eating too little will cause insufficient nutrient replacement, more boring nutrition.

Therefore, people living with HIV/AIDS should eat less and eat more meals, usually five or six meals a day.

(4) Food for a small meal, try to eat as much food as possible, and learn to plan a diet that contains five types of food.

(5) Avoid eating sour foods such as sour and spicy.

(6) Pay attention to food hygiene.

(7) Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

The above is the problem of dietary contraindications for AIDS patients. After such a disease, patients must adjust their moods, and exercise appropriate amount of physical exercise during treatment. Especially to maintain good mood is the most important, andIn normal times, you must not have sex to prevent mutual infection.