[Basic Qifeng Cake Practice]_Home Qifeng Cake Common Practice_Basic Qifeng Cake Practice Daquan_How to Make Basic Qifeng Cake

[Basic Qifeng Cake Practice]_Home Qifeng Cake Common Practice_Basic Qifeng Cake Practice Daquan_How to Make Basic Qifeng Cake

There are many ways to eat, but you must eat some healthy food. You need to make it yourself to be healthy. The basic Qifeng cake introduced below is very suitable for making.


12 Separate the egg whites and yolks of the eggs with an egg divider.


2121 was placed in two steel basins.


1 Pour in 1 g of vanilla extract, 40 ml of milk, 60 ml of salad oil, 20 g of caster sugar and 2 g of salt.


2 Beat another whole egg into the egg yolk bowl and break it with a whisk.


Beat the yolk liquid with a whisk until it is thick.


Use a flour sieve to sift in the flour, corn starch and baking powder.


After sifting the flour.


Use a rubber shovel to gently shovel the bottom and mix well. Flip the batter until there are no dry powder particles. Remember not to stir vigorously, otherwise the effect will be bad after the gluten is baked.


Use warm water to rinse the blade of the eggbeater, and then pour 3g of white vinegar or Tata powder into the egg white.Add the granulated sugar in small portions when whipping, and add the sugar while whipping. Add 3-4 times, and beat the egg whites until they are nearly dry and foaming.


After whipped the egg white paste, mix the egg whites into the egg yolk batter in 3 times.


After mixing the custard.

Place a round baking sheet in the cake mold and cover the bottom of the mold.


Pour the cake batter into the mold and pour some hot water into the baking dish.


The amount of water is about 15
minutes when baking.

After the preparation is completed, lift the cake mold on the countertop or the ground and shake it twice to remove the large bubbles in the cake paste. Then place the mold in the baking pan, and place the baking pan in the middle and lower layers of the oven for baking.


The fire power is 160 degrees, and the baking time is 40 minutes.


After baking for 40 minutes, remove the baking sheet from the oven, insert the middle of the cake with a toothpick, and pull out the toothpick. The toothpick is more dry and has no wet batter to prove that it is cooked.

18 years old

Then the mold is flipped on a drying rack to cool, and after cooling, the mold is released again.

After carefully reading the methods and steps on the basic Qifeng cake, you must have your own understanding and mastery.
And to make a dish, you need multiple methods, and you need your patience.

So, from now on, take action.