[A woman can live an unprecedented thrill]

[A woman can live an unprecedented thrill]

One way or the other is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but don’t think that this is talking on paper and try to do it, you will definitely have an unexpected surprise.

I also invite JMs who should have special feelings to share their feelings with the post. Good methods everyone learns and shares.

Tips for women to get orgasm1. The rule of women’s priority allows women to reach orgasm first. Watching the scene of women reaching orgasm is the most effective stimulation.

2. Make full use of non-genital stimulation techniques such as caressing and hand, mouth and other stimulation methods will effectively provide sufficient sexual stimulation to the clitoris and G spot of women and two major sensitive areas. Sexual intercourse alone is difficult to make most women sexualOrgasm.

3, if the use of sexual fantasy can be fully relaxed in thought, supplemented by positive sexual fantasy, coupled with proper contraction and movement of related muscles, to pave the way for the sudden release of muscle tension in the whole body, then the arrival of orgasm is natural.Something happened.

4, often change the position of sexual intercourse to find a more appropriate angle of stimulation, so that the clitoris and G spot can be more jointly stimulated.

Point G-refers to the midpoint of the anterior wall of the vagina, which is equivalent to the male prostate.