Try to lose weight and try eight cellulite teas

Try to lose weight and try eight cellulite teas

Losing weight is something that many modern women insist on doing, but some people’s weight loss effect is average!

To get a good weight loss effect, you have to choose the right method.

Slimming tea is slimming, the method is simple, and the effect is good.

Here we look at eight cellulite teas: one, green tea + chrysanthemum tea green tea contains aromatic compounds that can dissolve trace amounts, turbidity and greasy to prevent trace accumulation of poly-body, while vitamin B1, vitamin C and caffeine can promote gastric secretion, there areHelps digestion and cellulite, and saponin can also make you slimmer.

In addition, green tea can increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and transformation, and reduce trace deposits in the body.

Chrysanthemum tea has a good effect on the fatigue caused by the excessive play of the festival, and the refreshing taste is the greasy feeling of retreating the food.

  Second, rose hips + rosemary rosemary is a spice in the West, used as a cooking seasoning.

Using rosemary incense to make tea, can eliminate the problem of stomach bloating, bloating and other problems caused by eating too much greasy food, or a very good slimming tea!

Rose hip is the gospel of women, rich in vitamin C, has the effect of beauty and beauty, regulates physiological functions and maintains good health.

  Third, green tea + citrus or dried tangerine citrus fruits and their peels, the aromatic ingredients can relieve stress, relax body and mind, so that you will not be disturbed by the formation of the festival and cause mental stress, which is really reducing you.Ingredients!
In combination with cellulite green tea, it can exert its powerful detoxification effect.

  Fourth, rose hip + Dr. tea from South Africa’s pure natural herbal tea Dr. Rooibos, grams of stomach disorders such as nausea, vomiting, lack of gastric motility and other symptoms, but also promote the relief of constipation, notContaining caffeine can relieve stress, help the body absorb minerals and improve metabolism.

Combined with rose hips, it can effectively eliminate edema!

  Five, green tea + rose tea rose tea full of aroma, in addition to beauty to lose weight, but also relieve stress, especially suitable for work, promote gastrointestinal function, let you eat a lot of greasy food after digestion more thoroughly, long-term can promote metabolism.

With green tea, the taste is fresh and sweet, and the greasy feeling of festive food is alleviated.

  Sixth, rose hip + hibiscus tea belongs to the hibiscus flower tea of Kwaiaceae, rich in deep red, taste with a bit of acid, with the sweet rose hips, can promote digestion.

Its potential vitamin C and citric acid promote the metabolism of transformation and make your body accumulate.

  Seven, rose hip + mint tea mint tea fragrance fresh, taste slightly sweet, cocoa clear heart and nerves, accelerate metabolism, restore the spirit, combined with the same aroma of rose hips, can quickly restore the stomach, ease the burden of diet.

  Eight, green tea + coix seed + mugwort tea mugwort tea can not only promote the function of the digestive system, relieve gynecological diseases, but also has a magical edema effect, can eliminate excess water such as the face or lower body.

While the diuretic diuretic, beauty, and promote metabolism, the weight loss effect of the three together must be very powerful!