Let life be just a good health tip!

Let life be just a good health tip!

Some kind of life is the best, and it is the best balance at the time.

How to change the absolute life, the most demand is to pursue the balance of the two words, not too much is the most healthy state just right.

Now, Xiaobian will take you to see what needs to be done in life to help us health and quotation.

  In fact, a healthy life lies in a lot of delicate balance.

  It is a necessary quality for a smart housewife, an excellent personal ability, and a life philosophy full of wisdom.

  How much toothpaste should I squeeze?

Children: Soy size (children are best not to use adult toothpaste); Adult: about half the length of the toothbrush head.

  Of course, the amount of different toothpastes is not the same.

A strong (some kind of strong toothpaste for smoking people) can be used less, and a weaker one can be used more.

After all, how many toothpastes are appropriate can be determined by the individual.

If you feel that you have used toothpaste with half the length of the toothbrush head and the mouth is still not fresh, you can add some amount.

  Why is it too much to squeeze the toothpaste when brushing your teeth?

Toothpaste on the market generally uses calcium oxide as a friction agent.

Calcium oxide is the main component of marble that is common in life, and the marble used as a friction agent in toothpaste is an irregular diamond.

If the toothpaste is used too much when brushing your teeth, the wear on the teeth is very powerful.

It may not be like in the short term, but the damage to the teeth will become more and more clear after a long time.

  In addition, children are also prone to fluorosis through toothpaste, mainly because the child’s self-control is poor, prone to swallowing toothpaste, so the fluorine may be high, resulting in higher fluoride content in the body.

  Have there been a researcher in a kindergarten for 3?
A 6-year-old child measured the amount of toothpaste miscarriage and found that 3?
The 4-year-old child swallowed a lot of toothpaste, and the most of them actually swallowed more than 80% of the toothpaste.

If the fluorine content in the body is too high, the enamel cells in the tooth growth and development will be poisoned and denatured, thus forming dental fluorosis.

Adults mainly absorb the fluorine in the toothpaste by the oral mucosa, so the fluorine absorbed by the fluoride toothpaste is extremely rare and does not cause much influence.

  How much can you save with 24 hours of water?

Start from the subtleties and change the habit of using water. You will find that the minimum amount of water your family can save in 24 hours has reached an astonishing 300 liters!

After a month, you can save about 9 cubic meters of water.

  The United States has published a detailed information after the implementation of the New York family water saving measures: the water consumption during the brushing is 38 liters. If the toothbrush is soaked, the water consumption is 2 liters in a short time, saving 36 liters of water;The long-flow water consumption is 76 liters. If you use the water in the pool, the water consumption is 4 liters, which can save 72 liters of water. When you wash your hands, the water consumption is 8 liters. If you use 4 liters of water for the basin, you can save water.l; when washing the faucet, the water consumption of the faucet is 114 liters, washed in the basin, and then rinsed. The water consumption is 19 liters, which can save 95 liters of water; the full-cycle water consumption of the dishwasher is 61 liters, and the use of water is not full.The volume is 26 liters, which can save 35 liters of water; the water consumption of the washing machine is 227 liters, the water consumption is 102 liters, and the water consumption is 125 liters;Then open the water dragon cleaning, the water consumption is 34 liters, which can save 61 liters of water; if it is bathed in a bath, the water consumption of the full basin is 132 liters, if the water consumption is 38 liters when 1/4 full (minimum), the water saving is 94 liters.

  How much should I wear when I sleep?

You can choose to sleep in a comfortable and comfortable pajamas according to your personal preference, or choose a zero-pressure bare sleep while you are hygienic.

  Some people are cold and cold, and always wear more clothes when they sleep in winter. In fact, this is not conducive to health.

Specially undressing and sleeping, can quickly eliminate fatigue, so that the various organs of the body are well rested.

  Because human skin can secrete and emit some chemicals, and sleep with clothes, if the clothes are too thick, it may cause normal “breathing” of the skin and evaporation of sweat. The compression and friction of the clothes on the muscles will affect the blood circulation, causing the body surface.The speed is reduced, and even if you cover a thick quilt, the human body will feel cold.

Therefore, it is not advisable to wear thick clothes to sleep in the cold winter.

  There are some things that should never be worn when you sleep: 1.


A woman who wears a bra for more than 12 hours a day may be more than 20 times more likely to have diabetes than a person who wears a bra for a short period of time or not at all.



Sleeping with the ornaments hinders the circulation of the body, which is not good for metabolism. The skin with the accessories is prone to aging.

Watches, especially luminous meters, have radium radiation, although the amount is minimal, but continuous accumulation can lead to adverse consequences.


Mobile phone.

Sleep time smashes the mobile phone, and the electromagnetic wave release of the mobile phone affects the distortion of the human nervous system and physiological functions.



Some people accidentally swallow dentures into the esophagus during sleep. The iron hooks of the dentures may pierce the aorta along the esophagus, causing massive bleeding and even life-threatening.



Sleeping with a makeup residue will insert pores into the skin, causing sweat secretion disorders.

  If you wear pajamas, what kind of pajamas should you wear?

After analyzing the pajamas of various materials and the sleep state of the respondents, the researchers found that pajamas with silk and cotton thickness helped sleep, while hemp pajamas affected sleep.

  Pajamas are an important factor in the quality of sleep, especially in sleeping position.

So, what are the drawbacks of linen pajamas?

The human autonomic nervous system includes the sympathetic nerves that keep the body active and the parasympathetic nerves that rest the body.

We let the respondents sleep in silk and linen pajamas and measure the depth of sleep.

As a result, the level of activity of the parasympathetic nerve when wearing silk is double when wearing a linen pajamas.

  How high is a healthy pillow?

Pillows that are too high or too low are not good for human health.

So for normal people, how much is the reasonable height of the pillow?

Usually, people who are used to lying on their backs have a high punch, and those who are used to sleeping on the side of the pillow have a high fist and a half-size.

  However, according to medical investigations recently, healthy people change their postures by about 20-45 times during 8 hours of sleep, and half of the postures change in less than 5 minutes, 60% of which are supine, 35% of which are lying on the side, 5%.It is prone.

Therefore, although the height of the pillows that people need often varies from person to person, it is related to the fatness and thinness of each person, the width of the shoulders, and the length of the neck. It is quite certain, but the average person’s sleep is shortened by using the supine posture. It is recommended to use a little more punch.The height is appropriate, it is not suitable to reach a height of one and a half.

  In addition, people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure need to sleep high; people with low blood pressure and anemia need to sleep low.

  How much is it better to drink yogurt a day?

Drinking yogurt every day has become a dietary habit for many people.

Because yogurt does not need to be heated, it is convenient to drink, so there are a large number of people who are hungry to feed their hunger.

But from a nutritional point of view, drinking yogurt also pays attention to a “moderate amount” problem, and drinking more will bring the effect to the body.

  Even in healthy adults, yogurt can not be absorbed excessively, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive gastric acid, affecting the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reducing appetite and destroying the absorption balance in the human body.

First, drink up to two glasses a day, and each cup is suitable for about 125 grams.

  In addition, the yogurt itself contains a certain amount, if you eat it on a supplement basis, it will also cause weight gain.

The best way is to choose yoghurt marked with skim and low-denatured words, although they are not as rich and full-bodied as full-fat yoghurt, but the conversion is low and will not accumulate in the body and become fat.

  How high should the computer desk be?

According to experts, the computer desktop should not exceed 70 cm.

Whether it is the desk, the height of the desk, or the height of the keyboard and mouse on the computer desk, it should be the same or lower than the elbow when the person is sitting.

The top of the display is also higher than the horizontal line of sight of the upper sitting position, otherwise it will cause vision loss.

  In Japan, the preliminary standard height before 1971 was 74 cm.

Due to repeated occupational diseases, Japan revised the standards for office appliances in 1971. The standard heights of 70 cm and 67 cm for men and women were respectively reduced, thus greatly reducing the occurrence of fatigue.

In the UK, the recommended desktop height is currently only 71 cm.
  In the course of the year, the height of computer desks, desks and desks is generally higher.
Due to the unreasonable design of the computer desk, low back pain, fatigue or strain of the neck muscles, tenosynovitis of the hand muscles and decreased vision are jeopardizing men and women who cannot work without computers.

  Experts recommend that manufacturers reduce the height of the computer desk, it is best to design a folding bracket on the computer desk.

Consumers can also request a computer desk with a slightly smaller size when purchasing.

  How many inches is it suitable for a home flat-panel TV?

How big is the flat-panel TV to choose from for your living room?

Experts pointed out that if the viewing distance is 3 meters, then the 47-inch TV can alternately play its high-definition display, giving people an immersive experience.

  The survey results show that consumers have a misunderstanding when purchasing flat-panel TVs.

Consumers often habitually use the traditional CRT color TV size as a reference standard for simple extension and analogy, while ignoring the difference in screen size requirements between flat-panel TVs and traditional CRT TV display performance.

  For example, when a 34-inch traditional CRT TV user upgrades to a flat-panel TV, he will take it for granted that he can buy a 37-inch LCD TV, but the actual use is not as expected.

  In fact, there is a matching principle between the viewing distance of the flat-panel TV and the screen size: the best distance from the best effective viewing angle, the high-definition picture perception requires a 16:9 widescreen, and a large-sized flat-panel TV to achieve the best display effect.

  If the resident family watches TV at a distance of 1.

7, 2.

0, 2.

4, 2.

5, 2.

7, 3.

0, 3.

3 meters, then 26, 32, 37, 40, 42, 47, 52-inch LCD TVs can penetrate the ground to display its high-definition display, giving people an immersive experience; and at the above distanceThe traditional CRT TVs of 17, 21, 25, 28, 29, 34, and 43 inches play the display they can achieve.

  In addition, according to the data, consumers who are potentially buying flat-panel TVs at this stage have an average living area of 28-30 square meters.

According to this data, the distance that residents should watch TV should be about 3 meters. Combined with the matching principle, 47-inch LCD TVs will be more suitable for the use of households.

  What is the MP3 volume setting?

In this way, the maximum volume of the MP3 can be as high as 80 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a lawn mower, which can directly damage the hearing.

MP3 adjusts to the distortion caused by the loud volume. The treble is harsh, the midrange is unclear, the bass is turbid, and the distortion is also a kind of noise.

  It is recommended to control the output volume of MP3 to a quarter of its maximum volume to the dispersion. If your MP3 maximum volume value is 20, then the volume you set when you wear headphones is 5 to 7 for the safe volume range.

In addition, each time you listen to the music, develop the habit of adjusting the volume to a minimum.

  In addition, when operating the computer, you can set the volume to a loudness that can be heard within a distance of approximately 4M.