Virtual person cold preferred Jing anti-death

Virtual person cold preferred Jing anti-death

Composition: 9 grams of Bupleurum, 9 grams of pre-Hu, 9 grams of Chuanxiong, 9 grams of oyster shell, 9 grams of oysters, 6 grams of oysters, 9 grams of oysters, 6 grams of fried platycodon, 6 grams of ginseng, 5 grams of licorice, 2 slices of ginger,2 grams of mint.

  Usage: Decoction, divided into 2-3 times, warm clothes.

  Efficacy: Yiqi solution table, scattered wind and dampness.

  Indications: People with qi deficiency, exogenous wind and dampness syndrome.

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  The principle of the prescription: This party was originally designed for the qi deficiency of the body, and the external sense of cold and dampness.

Evil stagnation muscle table, Weiyang is blocked, the meridians are unfavorable, so cold and heat without sweat, the item is strong and painful; the body spleen is weak and qi deficiency, easy to stop the wet sputum, plus the cold and cold lungs, the lungs are not declared, the phlegm blockMachine, so the stuffy chest tightness, coughing sputum, mossy pulse floating; pulse or regaining powerless, is the image of being weak and weak.

The main point of the card is that the wind and cold wetness in the muscle surface meridians, phlegm and dampness in the chest and lung spleen, the imaginary weakness and weakness, the evil spirits go out, the treatment of the hurricane in addition to the cold, spleen and phlegmMachine, benefit Qi and help the evil.

  Fang Zhongyu live, live alone and warm and divergent, squatting under the wind and cold and dampness of the body, Tongli joints and pain, for the drug.

Chaihuxin dispels muscles and relieves heat, and Chuanxiong conducts bloody hurricanes, helps the medicinal herbs to dispel the evils, and promotes pain and relieves pain.

The shell is lowered, the platycodon is open to the lungs, the front sputum is sputum, the sputum is swelled, and the sputum is spleen and the chest is wide, except for the dampness and coughing; the ginseng is supplemented with a small amount of ginseng to help the table to eliminate the evilDo not hurt positive, a total of adjuvant.

Licorice and middle-adjusted medicines, and help the Qi; ginger, mint, and exogenous evil, also for the adjuvant.

The whole party is both righteous and evil, and both the symptoms and the evils are not hurt, and the balance can be solved.

  Utility features: 1.

Complementing the scatter, the evil spirits do not hurt the positive.


The inside and outside are adjusted, that is, the hurricane dispels the cold and dehumidifies to solve the problem, and the spleen and phlegm are qi and qi.


The solution is especially good at dispelling evil and relieving heat and relieving pain, and it can also strengthen the spleen and smooth the lungs.

  Clinical application: This prescription is suitable for children, post-mortem, postpartum, old age, infirm, etc.

Modern is mainly used for colds, influenza, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, urticaria, eczema, sores, ulcers and other diseases.

  The principle of use: the sun’s meridians line the body, the main beam of bone and the joints; the hand of the yin and lungs of the main Xuanjiang, the outer fur, and the large intestines; the foot Taiyin spleen, the external tendon, and the stomachIn the table.

Most of the qi and qi are more and more wet and sturdy, and they are susceptible to external evils. When the external sensation starts, they often see the same disease inside and outside, and the evil is easy to enter.

Wind cold clip wet external muscle table, camp Wei stagnation, see cold and heat without sweat, sore rash; or rheumatism stagnation in the meridian joints, see head and body joint pain; in the sputum, stagnation, lung lossIf the waterway is unfavorable, see the cough and chest full, and the body is swollen and urinary.

If the stagnation of nitric acid, turbidity and turbidity, then see abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The party has a variety of functions, not only can stagnate the wind and stagnate the cold and heat, qi and blood scattered hemorrhoids, dehumidification and collaterals to relieve pain, but also can spread lung and phlegm and wide chest sputum, smooth air and water, spleen and sunStop diarrhea, so the clinical use is widely used in four seasons cold, skin ulcers, wind toxic addiction rash, rheumatism phlegm syndrome, phlegm and blood stasis, water and wet fullness, sore illness and other symptoms.

  This side is characterized by “through the table and inside”. The Qing Dynasty doctor Yu Changchang used the prescription to cure the dysentery at the beginning of the epidemic, and transferred the evil in the trap to solve the problem. The abscess was healed and was called “counter-flowing boat”.The method of modernity is mostly used for people with qi deficiency or dampness, and for dialysis-type colds who feel cold and dampness.

  Clinical experience.

According to the original prescription card pathological additions and subtractions: the gas is not empty, go to ginseng; the internal humidity is not very good, go to the sputum, clam shell; sputum block to see the chest full of more, add swirling flowers, rat grass, friedSu Zi; there is a heat in the mouth to see the bitter moss yellow, plus Huang Qi to clear the heat.

The wind evil is even more windproof, the schizonepeta, the cold evil is even more white, the asarum, the wet evil is even more atractylodes, 薏苡仁.


Clinical extension application: 1 pulmonary disease: cold, flu belongs to the cold or wet, see headache, hot, plus scallion, cardamom, puerarin; evil stagnation heat into the sore throat, polydipsia, sputum, radix, gypsum.

Bronchitis belongs to the internal phlegm and dampness. The complex sensation is cold and the cough is full. Adding Pinellia, orange and almond.

  2 skin diseases: surgical surface infections see the beginning of the scab, accompanied by cold and heat, pulse floating, go ginseng, add schizone, wind, this is “Jing anti-death”, or add silver flower, forsythia, this is”Yinqiao defeated poisonous scattered.”

Acute or chronic urticaria with schizonepeta, sputum, silkworm, or night vine, angelica, rehmannia; eczema plus sophora, atractylodes, white fresh skin; psoriasis plus dew hive, white fresh skin, red peony;Add windproof, atractylodes, and coix seed.

  3 joint disease: rheumatoid arthritis belongs to the wind, cold, dampness, stagnation, meridians, joint pain, optional addition of Wei Lingxian, Guizhi, anti-self.

  4 asthma: acute diarrhea or dysentery is the same disease in the table, see aversion to cold fever, body pain, diarrhea, plus psyllium, Atractylodes, Divine Comedy; abdominal pain, dysentery, add white peony, woody, lotus leaf.

  5 acute nephritis is an external evil stagnation of the lungs, see cold and heat without sweat, body swelling and urine, plus ephedra, mulberry, psyllium.  In short, this prescription is applicable to the exogenous wind, cold and dampness, and there is a wet stagnant qi stagnation or a syndrome of qi deficiency.

The clinical prescription should be cold and hot without sweat, limb pain, or skin sore rash, chest full of cough, white fur, pulse floating or heavy inability as a dialectical point.

The prescription of this prescription is biased towards Xin Wenxiang dryness, and the yin deficiency is not allowed. The abscess is not suitable for damp heat or no evidence.